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@spec.get_opts.each do |name, opt| options[name] = opt.value counts[name] = opt.count end @spec.get_args.each do |name, arg| args << arg.value named[name] = arg.value end args.flatten! args += trailing @report =, named, trailing, options, counts) if @report.opt(:help) self.print_usage() end unless @spec.get_args.values.all? {|arg| arg.fulfilled? } raise InterfaceError, "Required argument '#{name.upcase}' was not given." end if @spec.trailing_error && !@report.trailing.empty? raise InterfaceError, "Error: got trailing argument(s): #{trailing.join


Updated ๐Ÿ‘ป fantasma.js to v0.4.1. This update completes a long-overdue rewrite and adds documentation, plus a new example.

For more information about fantasma.js, see the README.


  • Updated dependencies
  • Added README
  • Added basic example
  • Improved packaging
  • Now available on npm