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Hello there, my name is 0E9B061F

And I'm a programmer. Welcome to my website. I do front- and back-end web development (CPB, fantasma.js, waxwing.js). I write system tools (scroll, hashbeam, imgfilter) and I'm interested in parsing (ghast.js, lexdoc). I mostly work with node.js and Python currently, and I write a lot of bash. I also have experience with Ruby, C#, and a few other languages. I've had the misfortune of writing some R. I've been using Svelte a lot lately and created phaser-svelte-ui-example, which uses Svelte components as UI elements for a Phaser game.

I've contributed to svelte-markdown.


I can be reached at


Is your name really 0E9B061F?

No not at all! My real name is 0E9B061F-1A2A-490D-B35C-5CDD2BEE2CDD, but my friends call me nn.